Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Michael and Carol - Solberge Hall , North Yorkshire and China Town Newcastle wedding photography

Michael and Carol had a beautiful wedding at Solberge Hall in Northallerton , North Yorkshire followed a few days later by a Chinese celebration in China Town, Newcastle. Here are just a selection of the photographs from the hundreds taken just to give you a flavour of what a fab event it was !

4 days later was the Chinese celebration ! we started at 8.15 am at Carol's house where Michael and his friends had to perform a series of tasks set by the girls, this is so Michael can prove himself worthy of his bride before he his allowed in the house to see her ! - Great Fun !

Gangnam Style !

Ok so he's proved himself ! time for a tea ceremony....

Now Michael takes Carol away under an umbrella to show that he will protect her !

Now to Michael's house for another tea ceremony ....


Then it's all jump in cars and off to Newcastle for more Tea ceremonies, a feast of amazing food and lots of singing !

A few of my pictures from their Solberge Hall wedding to add to the slideshow !

Thank you for having me Michael and Carol it really was a wonderful experience !