Friday, 13 February 2015

Cherished Memories

In the news today Google Vice President Vint Cerf who is one of the pioneers of the internet has expressed his fears that future generations will have little or no record of the 21st century !

He is worried that all images and documents we have been saving on computers will eventually be lost as today's technology become obsolete.

Do you remember these ? floppy discs ! we used to store photographs on these which are now obsolete because we don't have the technology to open them anymore.
Many of you these days opt for an images only option which I currently offer on a USB , but how long will we be able to view images on a USB ? who knows ! so what I'm saying is if you do opt for this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE print the images or design your own album so that your precious memories are not lost forever !
Most of the pictures I take at weddings are of your loved ones, special moments of happiness and emotion shown through your big day, I don't want to be morbid but people don't live forever and often a photograph of your loved ones is the one thing you can cherish, imagine if moments like this were lost forever !

I know that budgets don't always allow for an album but if you can stretch your budget to an album this is the best way of making sure those special moments from your big day are recorded forever to last a lifetime and be passed through future generations long after todays technology is long gone !
I offer a range of beautiful hand made albums which tell a story of your special day, collating all those special moments into a very real memory to last a life time.

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