Thursday, 9 February 2012

What the Dickens !

This week saw the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens and it got me thinking how much has changed since then. Modern photography hadn't even been invented, it was 23 years later when William Henry Fox Talbot produced the first negative of a window in his Laycock Abbey home. By the time Dickens died in 1870 photography was widely used and as the picture ( right ) shows, Dickens obviously sat for portraits.

I too am a story teller but in a very different way to Dickens. He would have been amazed by the digital photography technology of today. I tell a story of your wedding day by capturing the happiness of your special day, through photography.

With all the different technologies available today photographers are all trying to stay ahead of the game to attract couples , facebook, twitter, blogging etc and many do photo shoots with models on a particular theme which is good if you are looking for ideas for your wedding. My style is much more relaxed, although I pose some pictures on the day....
...... The rest are very much as your day unfolds, leaving you and your guests to enjoy your special day.
I wonder if Dickens would have been blogging if he'd been alive today ?

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