Monday, 30 April 2012

Nervous couples

I was inspired to write this blog by a message i recieved over the weekend , I have not identified the Hotel so as not to identify the bride.

Message: We met at ******* Wedding Fair last year.  Unfortunately you were booked for our wedding next Saturday at ********.
We have a photographer booked who is a friend of ours who has kindly agreed to do our photos.
I am very nervous about having my photograph taken as just not good at smiling and always seem to make silly faces.
Could you give me some tips.
Many thanks

Many couples feel nervous about their wedding photographs so thought i would give a few tips to help you feel more releaxed. 

I'd like to point out that i'm not saying the couples in these photographs were nervous but i'm just showing the style and techniques i use to help couples feel more relaxed.

I first of all am not a bossy photographer who takes over the wedding. I like to tell a story of your day so although some pictures are posed most are just as they happen and i work on a long lens so that i am not in your face, often you will not even be aware that you are being photographed. It is YOUR day not my photoshoot and i try to record your special day while letting you enjoy it and not having it taken over by a photographer who only wants to get the pictures he / she wants.

I will talk you through the day and how to get the most relaxed photographs.

Getting ready pictures :

During the getting ready pics it is best to just carry on and try to forget i am there. Laugh and joke with your family and bridesmaids and above all just enjoy yourself and that way i will capture the most natural shots.

The Groom before the ceremony :

I will ask the groom to have one posed portrait but i will then try to capture natural pics with Best Man and Ushers and chatting to guests.

The Bride arriving and walking down the aisle :

If you arrive by car i will take pictures as you arrive then as you walk in and down the aisle my main tip is to not look down but to keep your head up, smile at guests and laugh and chat with whoever is giving you away and you don't have to look at the camera at all.

The Ceremony :

This is one time in the wedding when you don't have to think about the camera at all. In a church service i often have to stay at the back but sometimes am allowed to stand at the front and in a civil ceremony i am usually stood at the front. The main tip here is to enjoy the ceremony with each other and don't look at the camera at all.

Exit of Bride and Groom :

Again the tip here is to ignore the camera and smile at guests and each other. In a church i will ask you to wait at the door as i take a few pics from inside and confetti shots are great for natural pics, you don't have to look at the camera but do remember not to look down.

After the Ceremony :

This is the time when all your guests want to congratulate you, again just chat away and don't think about the camera and i will capture natural shots like these..

The posed pictures :

The posed pictures i also try to keep very natural. I take a few looking to camera and then will ask you to chat with each other all while i am some distance away on a long lens.

The group shots :

If you are nervous about photographs then i would suggest keeping the group shots to a minimum, having a large shot of everybody and then let me capture natural shots of guests.

These are just a few examples of the natural shots of guests....

And the bridal party can be photographed in a more natural way so that you are not always looking at the camera.....

The main thing is to relax and enjoy your day, concentrate on chatting to your guests and each other and try not to think about the camera, the more relaxed you are, the more natural the pictures will be ! Ruth x

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