Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bad weather !

As i look out of my office window to see it starting to rain again !!!

It's very easy for photographers to show you a portfolio of perfect, sunny weddings or even posed shoots using models but the fact is your wedding is a very real and special event and it may rain or even snow ! so what happens if it does and how do I as a photographer cope with it ?

The main thing is although it's disappoininting it's still your wedding day so my advice is to just enjoy yourself !

Pictures can be taken under umbrellas...

Group pictures can be inside on a more relaxed basis like this one taken at Yorebridge House.

.....And of course if it snows it can be a real bonus and it can create beautiful conditions for photographs.

... And of course there is nothing to stop me taking lots of natural pictures of you and your guests enjoying themselves !

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