Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mr Darcy

This week saw the 200th anniversary of Jane Austin's Pride And Predjudice.

Now we can't all marry Colin Firth or Matthew McFadyen so it got me thinking about how our own Mr Darcys like to be photographed.

After 15 plus years of photographing wedding i've come to realise that most grooms are not that keen on having lots of posed photographs so although i may take the odd one like these...

The rest i will capture naturally, leaving him free to get on with enjoying your wedding. So what i'm saying is no jazz hands, and no jumping in the air ! just lots of happy, natural shots taken at a distance on a long lens.

There's also room for a little emotion...

 If your Mr Darcy would like to be photographed without jazz hands please get in touch...

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