Saturday, 21 January 2017

Special moments

Have you ever been to a wedding where the photographer took the bride and groom away for two hours or more and you all stood around for ever having group pictures taken and thought I don't want that for my wedding ! obviously its important to have a few family shots and a few portraits of yourselves but it can be done in a short time and then I spend most of the day in the background capturing all those special moments . telling a very real story and leaving you to enjoy the day, so if you'd rather enjoy your wedding day and not spend it standing around for hours, please get in touch,


  1. Normally wedding appetizers are mediocre and forgettable. We had people talking about our food even weeks after the wedding. Though the wedding venues Chicago are beautiful. You can bring in any type of furniture or use their traditional round tables.

  2. Wedding day is the most beautiful day for bride and groom and their families are very emotional on this are lovely with lots of emotional and happiness. thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.

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