Sunday, 4 March 2012


Apart from editing pictures, designing albums and meeting lovely couples, this week has been a Hockney week. They say things happen in threes and this was definately the case this week. On Monday evening i watched The Culture Show which was all about Hockney's work in East Yorkshire.
On Tuesday my husband had to go to Bridlington ( where Hockney now lives ) on business, so Ruskin and I went with him and had a lovely walk on the beach. The weather was amazing for the end of february and Ruskin was very happy to meet a 16 week old collie puppy.
Then yesterday morning my tickets for Hockney's exhibition ' A Bigger Picture ' arrived. I love his work because he is very much influenced by photography. He is a very good observer and paints light and colour in the landscape as he sees it.His bright pictures are definately what you need to cheer you up on a horrible day like today.

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