Thursday, 15 March 2012

Press photography

Last week when I went down to Bagden Hall to meet Carmel and Craig I bumped into John who I used to work with when I was a press photographer. I haven't seen him since I left in 1997 so it was really lovely to have a catch up. It also brought back lots of memories and got me thinking what a good training it was for the work I do now. I had to work with people on a daily basis and I did lots of sports photography which was great training for working quickly and capturing moments in a split second which I now apply to my wedding photography I was lucky enough to photograph the rugby league challenge cup final at Wembley a couple of times ( for those of you who know me, I know, I haven't aged a bit ! ha ha ) and on a topical note was lucky enough to photograph the late Gary Speed, who as everybody says, was a real gentleman. Here are a few pictures from those days ( which will look dated as they were shot on film ) and then a few wedding photographs to show how I apply those quick techniques to capture special moments.

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