Saturday, 31 March 2012

The People I Have Shot

Earlier in the week i watched the ITV perspectives programme, The People I Have Shot, in which actor David Suchet of Poirot fame follows in the footsteps of his Grandfather, Fleet Street Photographer James Jarche.

David remarks ' “What strikes me, are all these front covers. They’re all people. And that is how I remember him. He was really a people’s photographer.”

This very much reminds me of myself. I trained as an advertising photographer and when i left college i worked in an advertising studio. I soon realised it wasn't for me as i wasn't inspired to photograph things which don't move. I was very lucky to be offered a job as a press photographer on my local newspaper and immediately knew that photographing people was for me.

With wedding photography i'm able to really capture the emotion of the day and tell a story by recording the reactions of not only the bride and groom but their gusests aswell.

Even when i'm on holiday i like to photograph the people in a place to help tell a story of where i have been.

And although i have used this picture as an example before, it really does show what i love about being a wedding photographer, being able to capture an emotion in a split second !

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